Relationship counselling

A crisis in a relationship arises when one or both of the partners experience a lack of emotional bonding. This may lead to conflicts where one of the partners pursues and the other withdraws.

Familiar? With Emotionally Focused Therapy you can do more than talk and fight better. It will help you and your partner to heel the core sensitivities at the heart of your conflicts.


About costs and duration

Even if the character of relationships are different, the core is universal: the need to feel connected and loved by the person you love and with whom you want to live happily ever after. But what does it cost? And how many sessions are we talking about?



For the ones who would like to learn more about relationships I have selected a number of books I found special. The book Hold me Tight of Sue Johnson is of course a “must-have”.


About the therapist

My name is Ria Voesten, I’m 46 years and born on a small island in the Caribean, callen Curacao.

Together with Maarten van der Velde, my love since 1987, I have three children.

“Eternal love is as absurd and unbearable is eternal spring of eternal music. It is the changing of seasons that makes the year exciting. In music the silence is just as important as the sound”
Marc Callewaert