A session is €100 for 75 minutes VAT included.

My practice is in Rotterdam on a 7 minutes’ walk from Central Station at Ungerplein 2 fl 24.

For whom:
For everyone who struggles with their relationship. E.g.

  • living in a foreign country and trying to adapt to the new situation, can also put a strain on your relationship.
  • it feels as if you have grown apart, and you want to restore the bonding
  • because of a change in your life you have trouble finding a new balance.
  • one of you has cheated. Despite the pain, you still want to overcome this breach of trust, and heal the wound that has arisen.
  • you have opened your relationship, but struggle with the intense emotions like jealousy and fear.

Even if the character of relationships are different, the core is universal: the need to feel connected and loved by the person you love and with whom you want to live happily ever after.

Number of sessions:
This depends on the progression in therapy and also of the effort you put in it at home. But on average it is about 10-16 sessions.

If you don’t feel like going into relationship therapy on a weekly basis, you can also choose to take 5 sessions in 2,5 days twice. It is quite intense.
The second “block” is about a month later.

“The ones that are at ease, read thrillers. The ones in need read peacefull books.”

Godfried Bomans