“We recognize our “dance” now, when we get stuck again. We recognize the pattern and are capable to pick up our conversation in a different way, much faster.”

“We got into contact with Ria with the following struggle: ‘how do we, as divorced parents, bring these two families together as good as possible.” This challenge lead to a months of therapy. For us, as well as for Ria this was a unique process, as our starting point was positive and loving. One and a half year later we were brought down to earth. Our families form a joyfull club and we couldn’t have wished for a better foundation of our relationship. You have given us lots of practical insights we profit from every day. Thank you Ria! Love J2“

“I never expected relationship counselling could be so much fun”

“Hi Ria, hereby a delayed reaction… The relationship therapy has brought us closer together. We feel, we really are listening to each other and we are emotionally more stable in our relationship. This is due to “our dance” and because we can filter the underlying emotions much better. I dreaded going into therapy as what I had done was the reason we had to come to you. My partner dreaded going into therapy, fearing more ‘corpses would fall out of the closet’. Fearing we were too late. Yes, we would definitely recommend you. Without killing each other, we are able to be honest fairly easily. And when it gets difficult, we have handles to get out of this together.”

“Without prejudice we were listened to.”

“Hi Ria, hereby our reaction: we were afraid, therapy would not help and that our relationship would be over. That we would get stuck in who was to blame. But it has helped to get more insight. That the other was not actually to blame. That it was all a result of our own rawspots, that created a bad feeling. The therapy has not only helped us, to see our own role in our relationship, but has also created a better understanding of our role in relationship with others. It has given us insight in our own share in the problems we experienced. It also helped us to take responsibility for our own share and understand the other better. We have a fine relationship now, with more understanding for each other’s irritations. We would certainly recommend you, as you are a kind, down to earth woman, with humour and patience and because you create an open and safe atmosphere.

“Already after the first session our relationship a feeling of ease entered in our relationship. And hope.”

“You’re just fantastic!”